About Us

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Jenny, Ciera, Olivia, Maya and Alaine all met at a Girls Who Code camp during the summer of 2017 in Austin, TX, but are from a mix of Austin, Red Rock, Pflugerville and even Chicago. Even though we just met as a group for two weeks we worked well together, always having fun while making sure to get work done. We will continue to keep in touch after the camp is over! One piece of advice we want young female programmers to know is to not feel discouraged if Girls Who Code is your first exposure to Computer Science, because it’s never too late to explore!

Alaine H.
Is an upcoming senior of the class of 2018. Is going to college to pursue a degree in film and the study of people.

Ciera F.
Ciera is a rising senior who spends most of her time in band practice. She plays oboe, piano, and english horn and has been a member of the band council for three years. She hopes to major in neuroscience.

Jenny K.
Jenny is a k-pop & art-loving “rising senior with shrinking height” She is a 17-yr old 1st generation Korean who can’t speak Korean but can speak Spanish & English. She wants to major in health and biology.

Maya F.
Is a 15 year old Ethiopian-American rising Junior who likes playing soccer, she used to live by the U of I at Champaign-Urbana but recently moved to Austin. She wasn’t into coding before this camp but now might want to go into tech or tech based career.

Olivia M.
Olivia is a rising Senior from Chicago. She is part Vietnamese (but speaks Chinese) and hopes to study Computer Science and Mandarin Chinese in college. She has a puppy named Mochi and enjoys discovering new music on bandcamp and cross stitching in her free time.